Services by Love and Hope Rescue Mission 

Love and Hope Rescue Mission worked on various areas, but we started with modest food drives and distributing clothes. We take pride in our community who helped us grow and expand our services to underserved individuals.

Food Drive

This was our first service under Love and Hope Rescue Mission. We started our weekly food drive for those who cannot make their ends meet, with almost three people who volunteered. 

This drive continued and extended to other areas as we developed. Often we reach out to people on holidays and celebrations to make up for the festivities they miss out on. 


We proudly have a bank of clothes that people often leave behind. His community has grown with Love and Hope Rescue Mission and become empathic. 

We are always stocked with clothes for children, the elderly, and infants. People often reach out to us when in need, and we are so blessed to be always able to help them.

Education & Skill

Some children and adults were abandoned and left with nothing meaningful to do with their lives. 

We care for these children by sending them to public schools, paying for stationery, uniform, and sundry expenses in our programs. 

In case the children are past school age, we send them to appropriate programs to learn skills such as carpentry, plumbing, mason, electrician or mechanic courses. These courses enable these individuals to be independent, take care of themselves, and in the future, support a family.

Mental Health 

Some children who were abused or affected by broken families need some professional care to help them cope with the trauma. With our specially trained counselors and psychiatrist, these kids are assigned plans to help them come out of past and grievances.


Due to poverty and joblessness, many people were evicted due to non-payment of rent and utilities. We helped these individuals in paying rent, finding cheaper accommodations, and even helping them find jobs.   

Call: 302-332-3829