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Meet Tonya Gonzales

I am writing in reference to Love 💕 and Hope Rescue Mission 💟 the way my family came in contact w them was because we were homeless residing in a motel on rte 40 where living conditions where very unsanitary and the Love and Hope Rescue Mission was doing outreach to the motel sites on 40 and my family came to know Ms Rose 🌹 who went out of her way to help my family as well as others w food,clothing, counseling,and much more .with the help from the Mission my family was able to slowly but surely make many changes w our lives and we are finally able to find a home and Ms Rose and the Love and Hope Rescue Mission continue their journey of love and giving throughout the holidays by supplying meals,clothing,and gifts to the homeless and underprivileged families and I also participate w Love and Hope Rescue Mission during these times to give back to the community they have done nothing but show compassion and love to my family in times of great need if it was not for them reaching out to my family in time of need when I thought there was no hope of this ever ending I don't know where we would be the Mission has definitely opened my eyes to a very loving and caring mission that goes above and beyond to help also, Ms Babita who works w Love and Hope Rescue Mission who helps supply the food and clothing Has been very helpful to my family in times of needs w clothing .I have come develop a very close relationship w her as well and I a lot of volunteer work w her at the clothing warehouse that helps LoveandHopeRescueMission thank you guys a million couldn't have done without you guys see you guys again soon God Bless LoveandHopeRescueMission for their loving and caring ways and outreach to everyone. Couldn't of done w out you guys and the positive encouragement regardless of my decisions and you never judged me cause of my addiction which I have been working hard to get my sobriety back. - Tonya

Leanord Bien Aime

I want to take this time to Thank you Ms. Rose Simon and Love and Hope Rescue Mission Team for helping me apply for business documents to start my Junk Removal company in the state of Delaware. Thank you for making phone calls and walking me every step of the way. Love and Hope Rescue Mission puts the needs of people first and they make sure they help you to the fullest of their availabilities. May God bless this organization. -Leanord

Pastor Anicet Brizou

I would like to take this time to think Love and Hope Rescue Mission for helping our church set up a ESL (English as Second Language program in Bear Delaware and providing us with the best volunteer instructors to ensure our congregation can read and understand English. Ms. Rose Simon you are a community Hero. We couldn’t do it without you and your awesome team. Please keep up the good work. We have 6 people who have graduated through your ESL program. Many Blessings to you and continue to be a Leader to many.