Covid 19

Love and Hope Rescue Mission - Covid19

Over the last 3 and half years Love and Hope Rescue Mission and its team have partnered up with various medical partners which has allowed us to have gotten over 8,000 individuals within the Vulnerable communities. Love and Hope continue to strive for the safety and well beings of our fellow delawareans. In the last three years we have hosted various vaccination events such as Vaccination education, door to door vaccination, Vaccination conference and much more. 

Love and Hope's job is to make sure that our community is not left behind but is receiving the same level of care as everyone else. We will continue to work hard with our Partners as we continue to provide covid outreach assistance, education, and support. We are here for you!!! If you know anybody in your community who is in need of education about support, covid vaccination and much more please have them reach out to us so we can assist them to the best of our ability.

Our Community at Work